In Response To Dovid Teitelbaum

I came across Dovid Teitelbaum’s article on the upcoming Asifa at Citi Field. His points are well taken and his solutions are definitely the way to go with regard to raising the next generation of fine and good Jews. But he misses the point.

No one disputes that the more a person builds his character the less shmutz will appeal to him. Same for his kids. The better we raise them, the stronger they will be as Yidden and as human beings. However, the internet is a LOADED GUN, with a round in every chamber. Even 2nd Amendment diehards would not recommend leaving as loaded gun on the kitchen table, no matter how much they scream that “it’s not guns that commit crime, it’s people”. It’s still too dangerous.

The internet is a weapon of destruction, aimed at the heart and soul of a Yid. It cannot be left around unchecked and unfiltered. Not to help those who are LOOKING to use it for nefarious purposes, for them all the the filters and chavrusos in the world won’t help, it’s too late. They need a different approach. But for the innocent bystander, the perfectly fine, stable, happy young teenage boy or girl, doing well in school and in society, those are the ones who need and could be helped the most by simple solutions such as filters, chavrusos and restrictions.

The fact that filtering and the like won’t help for those already exposed does not obviate our responsibility to the many who just need the bor brshus harabim covered up so that they don’t accidentally fall into and break every bone in their body.

So by all means, work on your “E’s” but don’t be naive. Not taking the necessary safeguards of filtering and restricting internet usage pretty much guarantees a michshol at some point for almost every user. If not shmutz then apikorsus and cynicism. Chazal have already taught us the ika darka achrina doctrine. While it may not be the be all and end all of the internet parsha, let’s not pretend it doesn’t exist.

Nobody is talking bans now , neither were they ever. Restrictions, filtering and chavrosus are a must for internet use. Coupled with proper living and Hashem’s help we can hope to raise kids we can be proud of.


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  1. Very good points


    Moshe Chaim (also tries to be Chareidi and Proud)

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