They are singled out because of they way they look and dress. They are looked down upon as dirty, smelly parasites whose birthrate should be curtailed. Every negative phenomenon they exhibit, every crime or misdeed committed by one of them is highlighted and endlessly regurgitated, while the good they do is glossed over and ignored. Stereotypes and prejudices about them abound and there are websites and organizations dedicated to harassing and exposing them and their leaders for the corrupt, irredeemable scum that they are.

Are we talking about blacks in the 1950’s? No. Jews in the 40’s? Also not. We’re talking about Haredi Jews today. And who are the main culprits? Unfortunately, more often than not other Jews.

Spend just a few minutes a day reading popular English and Hebrew newspapers and blogs and listening to Israeli talk radio and these dismal facts will become clear to you. The same people who are the first to denounce bigotry and racism of any kind, be it against Arabs, Sudanese or Tutsis, have no compunction exhibiting blatant hatred toward their Haredi brethren.

Why is that? Ask them and they will surely come up with all sorts of excuses and rationalizations. “The Haredim have brought this upon themselves”, “The Haredim are guilty of this that and the other”. But one wonders: have they forgotten the lessons of history? All racists and bigots through the years have disguised their irrational hatred under the veneer of ideology and morality. The web is full of sites providing detailed “evidence” of the guilt of the Jews,¬†Holocaust denial, and the inferiority of blacks. But we ignore them and their arguments, because, to paraphrase a famous saying, “We know a racist when we see one”. Their irrational, single-minded pursuit of the objects of their venom disqualifies them as people worth listening to.

The same should be applied to ant-Haredim. Hatred and bigotry is never okay, never right, never acceptable. We don’t grant credence to anything that comes out of David Duke’s mouth and neither should we to anti-Haredi bigots.


5 thoughts on “Anti-Haredism=Racism

  1. Again. You complain when people hate you, but you write articles hating on others….hypocrisy? Can’t be. Because if I’m calling you a hypocrite, it’s only because I’m anti-haredi. Not because I have legitimate logic.

    • Please point to an article I have written hating others.

      If your Haredi criticisms were legitimate than it would be counterbalanced by the positives of the Haredi world as well. In addition, there would be no double standard, which the sites I reference clearly have.

  2. I love it when Chareidim use the “you’re a racist against Chareidim” meme. It’s hilariously stupid. Yes, stupid, because it makes no sense. Chareidim aren’t a different race, though you obviously think that you’re superior to other Jews and undoubtedly feel superior to Goyim (cf: Amos 9:7). However, we can learn from even stupid actions. We learn just how much non-Jewish shtuyot you have internalized and thus what a hypocrite you are. You embrace the rhetoric of the political left, which tends to be secular and anti-religious. But then you don’t really care who your allies are as long as they aren’t Jews down upon which you look.

    Speaking of bigotry, would you let your child marry a Sephardi? A ger? When was the last time you had a black person as a guest in your home?

    Ronnie Schreiber

    PS. I’m willing to stand by my words and sign my own name. Are you?

    • Racism is a borrowed term. The more accurate term is bigotry.

      I don’t embrace the theories of the left or the right, I am just pointing out the facts. When you exhibit hate toward a group of people, you are a bigot.

      The rest of your comments are not worthy of a response.

      • Typical arrogance. Why on earth would I want to embrace the values of someone who says my opinion is not worthy of a response? Since you didn’t answer, I’ll take it that you wouldn’t let your child marry a ger, a Sephardi or a black Jew. Now who’s the bigot?

        I’m trying to figure out why that question is not “worthy” of a comment? What harm can come from your answering it? You do love other Jews, don’t you?

        So how’s your kiruv going? Any success stories you can point to?

        Years ago I worked for Jews For Judaism, doing counter-missionary work. I can honestly say that there are frum Jewish children in the world today because I, with the help of HaShem, counseled their parents to return to Yiddishkeit. I say this not to brag but rather to give some context to what I’m about to say. Your arrogance, your triumphalism, your certitude reminds me not of R’ Yaakov Weinberg, R’ Leizer Levin (whose grandson was just my own grandson Aryeh’s sandek), or R’ Shmuel Irons. It reminds me of Moshe Rosen of Jews For Jesus.

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