He Has Finally Lost It

It started with a nice respectable article about focusing on building up our children instead of demonizing the internet. But it didn’t take long for it to degenerate into wild-eyed feverishpostings about conspiracies and cabals all out to pick DT’s pocket.

Take a moment to follow the genesis of his blog the past couple of weeks and you will see a true Anti-Haredi unmasked. Sure, they’ll sugarcoat their words at first to see if they can catch you with their sweetness. But if you have the chutzpah to say, “sorry, no thank you, but we’ll continue along our chosen path”, watch out because you’re in for it.

Out the window goes any shred of mentschkichkeit, of attempts at persuasion, and in comes every lie, half truth, rumor and canard he can get his hands on.

Let this be a lesson to all observers: those who claim to have the Haredi community’s best interests at heart are nothing more then the usual haters found in the secular and general press. And their words should be treated accordingly.


8 thoughts on “He Has Finally Lost It

  1. I personally don’t know DT nor have I read his article you’re bashing. But you advertise yourself as a Torah Jew, and yet you spew public hate articles?? That’s not the Judaism I fell in love with. What happened to ahavat chinam? What happened to tzniut? Embarrassing someone publicly? These are axioms of Judaism that should never be forgotten.

    • Since you admit that you haven’t read what I am responding to, then it sort of disqualifies your rant.

      He has warranted my criticism. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but he has made it clear that he is consumed by bitterness vis-a-vis the Haredi community.

  2. Obviously, YOU have not followed the genesis of the blog, nor have you actually read or researched the content. You, sir, are a fool. DT wrote honorably and responsibly and was attacked for his words. What did you expect him to do? Not fight back?? OF COURSE he had to fight back!!!!

    • I have read almost every post of his. He started off writing honorably and I treated him accordingly, as my previous posts and comments on his blog will show you. Unfortunately, he later degenerated into a caricature and yes, I will call him on it.

  3. Please don’t spread loshon hara about another Jew, no matter if it’s true or not. A good Jew doesn’t retaliate if he believe that he was wronged.
    “Eizeh hu gibor, hakovesh et yitzro” – “Who is strong, he who controls himself (holds himself back and does not retaliate)”
    I know D, he is a really great guy, and to just ruin his name like this is not right. It’s just as bad as looking at bad stuff on your computer. It’s an issur dioraysa of lashon hara.
    As we look out on to the history of the Jewish people, there are many times where certain people feel that they are right and they must slander against another person who does not share the same halachic view as themselves. First of all just understand that we all really have the same goal in mind, to serve hashem. Additionally, in the long run we see that this behavior is counterproductive, god punishes the Jewish people as a whole for slandering out against each other. THE BEIS HAMIKDASH WAS DESTROYED BECAUSE OF LOSHON HARA!!!!!!!!!
    Please, everyone, before we rush to judgements about fellow Jews look at the situation from another perspective.

    Berel Judenfeld

    • Berel,

      I appreciate your thoughtful words.

      However what Dovid has spewed the past month against Gedolei Yisroel cannot go unchallenged. You may wish to advise him of your words as well. It would do him good to take heed of them.

      • Thank you for your reply,
        My comments weren’t aimed at one specific blogger, they were being directed towards everyone so it’s not just you. And the reason why i commented is because your’e right, that if someone (chas vishalom) wrote slander about a godal then it must be challenged. But to me it just seemed that you were more invloved on a personal vendetta against D himself as a person and not his “allegations” against the gedolei hador.
        “Viahavta lireiacha komocha”
        I wouldn’t like if someone wrote the title of their blog about me that “Berel has finally lost it”.
        No matter how much zealous feelings you have about dovid try to keep your reaction bound up, i feel for you, i understand what you’re saying. But if you are simply saying “what D has spewed the past month against Gedolei Yisroel cannot go unchallenged” then challenge what he spewed, not d.
        This is a nisayon for all of klal yisrael, a nisayon far greater than any other before. Make an effort, and please for the sake of the good name of your fellow Jew try to repair what damage you have done to D’s name (weather it was warrented our not, that’s not what i’m debating over. if you want to debate, then debate go ahead but do so with a pure kavana!)


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