The Post You Won’t Find On Anti-Haredi Blogs

Kudos to VIN:

One security guard who had the name “Frank” on his tag, asked permission to ask me a few questions about what was going on, and why so many elderly speakers seem to be crying?

After some explaining he said: “I love the Jewish people; during the Met games we have so many ejections of drunken misbehaving fans, but with you guys everybody is so well behaved, you guys seem to have it right the way you educate your young ones” he quipped.

So explain to me again why we are trying to be more like the Goyim?


4 thoughts on “The Post You Won’t Find On Anti-Haredi Blogs

  1. How exactly are we trying to ‘be like goyim’? Ypur story is poignant and is evidence of a tremendous kiddush Hashem, but what does this have to do with ‘being like goyim’?

    • The general trend of what I see on many blogs is that we should do things more like the Goyim do. I am pointing out where that leads to.

      How are they being like the goyim? Well they believe the internet is a tool for good and just needs to be filtered. They are naive about it’s terrible destructiveness and so are the bloggers.

      • You’re so naive. Non-Jews have been filtering the Internet for 10 years. K9 has 3.5 million subscribers. You think they all live in Lakewood? Lol.

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