Citi Field: A Kiddush Hashem in the Eyes of Law Enforcement


Citi Field maintains a diverse workforce, including an Event Planning Staff. They did a superb job throughout the planning stages. Most of these individuals have had little or no previous exposure to the Orthodox community.

Everyone came away with a very positive impression,”  (emphasis added) said one staff member.

Members of the more than 28 agencies and departments involved in planning and executing the event echoed similar praise. They were astounded by the respectful and dignified behavior displayed by the attendees. The orderliness was a true kiddush Hashem. The police department created an inner circle on the field that was declared a non-trespassing zone. Not one person attempted to cross the line. Members of the FBI also remarked on the absolute quiet and derech eretz that was evident while rabbonim spoke.


This was reported by Matzav and YWN. I’m still waiting for it to be picked up by the media in general and our favorite bloggers in particular.

My guess? It won’t be, because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Haredim=bad, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.


4 thoughts on “Citi Field: A Kiddush Hashem in the Eyes of Law Enforcement

  1. Kiddush Hashem? By non working Charedim? Neh couldn’t be, no way, you’re lying, just like all those Charadim and their Taxes.

    (How does one indicate sarcasm on a blog?)

  2. The kiddush Hashem in which a couple hundred staff-people witnessed timid behavior by a flock of sheep is more than dwarfed by the Chillul Hashem in front of the millions who read about the event’s content.

    Feel free to pick and choose, though.

    • Doing what is right is ALWAYS a Kiddush Hashem, regardless how the goyim perceive it.

      You’d also be surprised how many non-Jews admire the Haredi community for taking a stand to protect their children. Not all people are as starry-eyed about the wonderful internet as some bloggers are.

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