Links For Today 5/25/12: Internet Dangers Acknowledged, Kiddush Hashem, Morethodoxy and more.

Today’s Links:

Survey: Facebook Wrecks Marriages

40% of Students Don’t Last 10 Minutes Without Digital Devices

NY Republicans propose ban on anonymous online comments

The internet is not the problem, people are…..of course.

Rav Kanievsky and Rav Shteinman: Teveriah Tragedy Related To Internet Use.

You’re playing with fire people. Gedolei Hador do not make these comments lightly.

Rubber Ducky Filter Experiences Toll Free Number Glitch Following Massive Citifield Response

The Haredi tzibbur will NEVER go for these bans, never…..

Spring Valley Woman Convicted Of Welfare Fraud

What’s the first thought that comes to mind? If it includes the words “Haredi” and “thieves”in it, you’re wrong. You may also want to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

Litzman Places Halacha Ahead of Diplomatic Protocol; Refuses To Shake Hand Of Female Diplomat

A True Kiddush Hashem (the sounds you just heard are certain heads exploding ;))

(Haredi) Math whiz chooses Queens religious school

Another Kiddush Hashem (Yes, he is Haredi, I know him. A true illuy.)

Open Orthodoxy: The Next Generation (and the RCA)

Is this what Modern Orthodoxy leads to? Let’s hope not.


4 thoughts on “Links For Today 5/25/12: Internet Dangers Acknowledged, Kiddush Hashem, Morethodoxy and more.

  1. This is where I agree with you. Post FACTS as your counterparts. הן about those that need fixing by other yidden (and espcially those subscribe to haredi bashing) and הן about the positive developments in the orthodox and haredi circles.

  2. its now 5 days since the asifa and this blog still exists and the author keeps writing more blogs. Are you not ashamed of yourself for going against the word of the rabbanim? Bedieved, you can have internet for parnassah. is this parnassah? How can you call yourself a true chareidi and continue to constantly sin?

    I am looking forward to your rationalization

  3. It’s like sanhedrin knowing kishuf to fight it; sometimes one has to use the evil to fight it from within!

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