Biased Or Not? You Be The Judge.

Harry Maryles edited my comment on one of his recent blog posts. Here it is in full:


Do you know that this was the basis for cloojew’s complaint? Or is this just another one of the strawmen you conveniently erect so that you can completely demolish it.

I can’t speak for clooJew but I would voice the same criticism based on the fixation you have with issues in the Haredi community vis-a-vis any other one.

Ah, the wonders of the internet. It truly doesn”t forget. Case in point:

Modern Orthodox Boy CONVICTED of assaulting a black teenager.

Only two posts about it in two years. But here’s what he wrote at the time of the indictment: “I am not prepared to call the second story a Chilul HaShem. At least not yet. I simply do not know the details of what happened.”

As of today, post conviction, still no idea if Harry considers this a Chilul Hashem. Just sad for EW etc, but no Chilul Hashem, apparently.

Take a look how calm and judicial Harry is. Evenhanded and nonjudemental. Ahh, a nachas!

Now take a look how he treats a Chasid ACCUSED, not convicted just accused, of fraud.

Now bear in mind that this is just an indictment. Can we expect Harry to reserve judgement? Not quite. Harry is indignant. “What a walking Chilul HaShem!”

In my five minutes of research I came across some more gems of “even-handedness”

“Nor do I agree with his condemnation of the media and government officials for trying to paint all Charedim this way. First of all, who can blame them even if they did

The Charedi system is broken and Charedi leadership knows it. They ought to face the facts, admit the problems exist and stop trying to spin their way out of it.

So Harry I must ask, do you still believe that the charedi system is broken or does the 2012 Rabbi Maryles disagree with the 2006 Rabbi Maryles?

Anybody care to guess why this was edited?


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  1. Its been over a week since the asifa where gedolim have banned all internet use with the bedieved exception if it is for business purposes and yet postings continue on this blog. Please help me understand how you can justify this? thanks

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