Why Bloggers Attack: Follow The Numbers.

Nobody likes to talk to themselves. If you see someone doing so, they are either on a Bluetooth or crazy. Bloggers in particular want to ensure that their hard work is not for naught The worst thing for a blogger is to put in hours of work and research on a post only to have it sit there, ignored and unread. Traffic is the lifeblood of a blog and bloggers are not above doing what it takes to get lots of it.

How To Stand Out In A Crowded Field

The blogosphere is quite a crowded field, hence the dilemma to the average blogger: how do I get those eyeballs to choose my place over someone else’s? The age-old recipe is the answer. If it smells it sells, if it bleeds it leads. What do you think will create more waves, a post entitled The Imperative For Separation From The Nations According To The Torah or SHOCKING: HAREDIM Hate Little Girls!!

A case in point.

Consider this blog post entitled: Be All that You Can Be

As of 5/29/12 at 12:35 PM it has 4 comments

Now consider this post: Haredi and Proud (in which he attacks yours truly)


We don’t have access to his internal statistics, but judging by the comments, it is clear what his audience desires. Naturally, he will give it to them.

Another example: Let’s Come Together for Shavuos = 7 comments

Dear Chaya (attacking Haredim) = 323 comments

So there you have it. Controversy, attacks, negativity, Lashon Hara are coin of the internet realm. Asking a blogger to behave responsibly is another way of asking him to shut down his blog. Being that he likes blogging, he is unlikely to comply with either request. Therefore it is up to the discerning reader to make up their own mind: will I get my information from legitimate sources or from purveyors of scandal, bias and yellow journalism.


7 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Attack: Follow The Numbers.

  1. This is not a new phenomenon. Here’s the problem: Blogs were designed for people with short attention spans. Spend a week researching a d’var Torah with a great chidush in it but that’s 15 paragraphs long and requires concentration while reading and you’ll get a handful of views and no comments.
    Spend 5 minutes writing about how Chareidim hate gays and you’ll get hundreds of views and dozens of comments.
    Here, check out this website: http://charadiation.blogspot.ca/. Perfect example of a guy putting up quality posts that almost no one looked at or commented on.
    You don’t go to McDonalds for braised Atlantic salmon.

    • I’m cut to the quick Garnel. Charadiation posted all of 35 posts, the last of which appeared over four years ago… and HE is your example of “a guy putting up quality posts that almost no one looked at or commented on.” And what am I???? Chopped Liver?

  2. So you’re just trolling for hits now? A new low. No. I am not coming back to debate you and no you don’t have any idea why I or why anybody else writes what they write. Stick to your wheelhouse: Charedi apologetics.

    • Angry a bit today, aren”t we? Hit too close to home?

      Not very rabbinical.

      And why not debate me? Your place or mine, makes no difference.

      As to my being a Charedi Apologetic, I don’t deny it. In fact it is my raison d’etre. I exist to put forth my understanding of the charedi viewpoint.

      You are the opposite of a charedi apologetic a charedi critic. You just don’t have the honesty to say so.

  3. Judging by the number of comments isn’t accurate enough to draw any conclusions. If people don’t disagree with the post, odds are they won’t take the time to leave a comment just saying, “Great post!” Hundreds of people could have read posts such as “Be All That You Can Be” without feeling the need to add any new ideas–I know I was one of them.

  4. Controversy, attacks, negativity, Lashon Hara are coin of the internet realm

    True. So why can I still not get any traffic or comments? SomeHow is at least running an “LH Free Blog”….but me???

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