When Are Riots Bad?

Answer: When Haredim are the ones rioting. Otherwise, why rioting is just people “expressing” their justified frustration or something.

Case in point:

Israelis attack African migrants during protest against refugees

An African migrant in a car with shattered windows after a protest against African refugees and asylum-seekers in Tel Aviv turned violent.

Demonstrators have attacked African migrants in Tel Aviv in a protest against refugees and asylum-seekers that indicates an increasingly volatile mood in Israel over what it terms as “infiltrators”….

A car containing Africans was attacked and shops serving the refugee community were looted. Seventeen people were arrested.

A reporter for the Israeli daily Maariv described it as an “unbridled rampage” and explosion of “pent-up rage”.

“Suddenly one of [the protesters] noticed that in one of the cars waiting for traffic to move were two young dark-skinned men, apparently foreign workers. For the hundreds of inflamed and enraged young people, that was all they needed. Within minutes, they dismantled – there is no other word to describe it – the car and its passengers. Some of them smashed the windows with their hands and rocks, others kicked the car, bent the plastic parts and tried to attack the people inside. ‘I’m not from Sudan, I’m not from Sudan,’ the driver tried to tell the assailants, but nobody was listening at that stage.”

Haven’t heard of this violent “incident”? Surely the Prime Minister spoke out against this blatant racism? No? Instead he said this?

“illegal infiltrators [are] flooding the country” and threatening the security and identity of the Jewish state.

Oh well, then perhaps you’ve heard of this one:

Yeshiva World News:

Following the defeat of the bill in Knesset, protests became unruly outside the Knesset, trying repeatedly to close down the street. At least one arrest was made. Elsewhere in the capital, protestors set a garbage frog ablaze and pushed it onto the light rail tracks in the Beit HaKerem neighborhood.

Or this one:

Graffiti including “Death to Arabs”, “Regarding from Ulpana” and “Regards from Gilad Farm” was left on vehicles and the N’vei Shalom (Wahat al-Salam) School. The tires of a number of vehicles were slashed as well in the erev Shabbos vandalism attack in the mixed community where Jews and Arabs reside.

Also not? Must be nothing to see here, move along, move along. We’ll be sure to call you the next time Haredim block a street, but for now nothing doing.


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