Links for 6/15/12: Blood libels, More Internet Dangers, RCA In Trouble

If anyone still thinks that bloggers are 1) responsible and serious 2) in it to help 3) fair and balanced, please read this post.

Modern Day Blood Libel by Harry Maryles

If the internet commentariat still have a shred of decency left in them, there will be across the board denunciations of this travesty

RCA Facing Leadership Challenge

Someone’s finally waking up

Horace Mann Case Prompts New Look at State Abuse Laws

Which Haredi yeshiva calls itself Horace Mann…..oh wait

Picture of the Day: “Shield Your Eyes

Billboard goes up, heads explode. Love it!

Our Special Nation

Trending topic on blogs this week I’m sure.

IDF Embraces To’eva Month

Still wondering why Haredim avoid army service?

Poland vs. Russia: Fans Involved in Violent Outburst in Streets of Warsaw

Repeat after me: Only Haredim riot, Only Haredim riot

Flatbush Internet Asifa Held At Agudah On Ave L

Asifas, Asifas everywhere. Too bad it’ll NEVER work

One People, One Destiny

How DARE they? Were Reform there? Were Haredim there??

Recognizing Computer Addiction In Adolescents

Nothing to see here, move along, move along.


When Are Riots Bad?

Answer: When Haredim are the ones rioting. Otherwise, why rioting is just people “expressing” their justified frustration or something.

Case in point:

Israelis attack African migrants during protest against refugees

An African migrant in a car with shattered windows after a protest against African refugees and asylum-seekers in Tel Aviv turned violent.

Demonstrators have attacked African migrants in Tel Aviv in a protest against refugees and asylum-seekers that indicates an increasingly volatile mood in Israel over what it terms as “infiltrators”….

A car containing Africans was attacked and shops serving the refugee community were looted. Seventeen people were arrested.

A reporter for the Israeli daily Maariv described it as an “unbridled rampage” and explosion of “pent-up rage”.

“Suddenly one of [the protesters] noticed that in one of the cars waiting for traffic to move were two young dark-skinned men, apparently foreign workers. For the hundreds of inflamed and enraged young people, that was all they needed. Within minutes, they dismantled – there is no other word to describe it – the car and its passengers. Some of them smashed the windows with their hands and rocks, others kicked the car, bent the plastic parts and tried to attack the people inside. ‘I’m not from Sudan, I’m not from Sudan,’ the driver tried to tell the assailants, but nobody was listening at that stage.”

Haven’t heard of this violent “incident”? Surely the Prime Minister spoke out against this blatant racism? No? Instead he said this?

“illegal infiltrators [are] flooding the country” and threatening the security and identity of the Jewish state.

Oh well, then perhaps you’ve heard of this one:

Yeshiva World News:

Following the defeat of the bill in Knesset, protests became unruly outside the Knesset, trying repeatedly to close down the street. At least one arrest was made. Elsewhere in the capital, protestors set a garbage frog ablaze and pushed it onto the light rail tracks in the Beit HaKerem neighborhood.

Or this one:

Graffiti including “Death to Arabs”, “Regarding from Ulpana” and “Regards from Gilad Farm” was left on vehicles and the N’vei Shalom (Wahat al-Salam) School. The tires of a number of vehicles were slashed as well in the erev Shabbos vandalism attack in the mixed community where Jews and Arabs reside.

Also not? Must be nothing to see here, move along, move along. We’ll be sure to call you the next time Haredim block a street, but for now nothing doing.

Metzitzah B’Peh: Only The Beginning

UPDATE: New CDC Data May Not Show Risk Due To Metzitzah B’peh

Original Post:

Nanny Bloomberg and his wet nurses are very concerned with what people are putting in their mouths these days. After banning large soda beverages, they now turn their attention to another threat to society, Metzitzah B”Peh:

New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley today issued a statement strongly urging that direct oral-genital suction not be performed during Jewish ritual circumcision, and announced that several hospitals, including those serving Hasidic Jewish communities and all Health and Hospital Corporation hospitals, have agreed to distribute a brochure that describes the risk of contracting the herpes virus from this practice, known as metzitzah b’peh.

Note that Chief Wet-nurse Farley refrained from issuing a ban on Metzitzah B’peh, opting instead for a “strongly worded statement”. This may be due to an archaic law called the First Amendment, part of an ancient and infrequently invoked body of laws known as the Constitution. There is also the minor detail that the risk of danger to the baby (2 deaths out of over an estimated 100k MB”P) through MB”P is about the same as giving it Tylenol and much less than second-hand smoke, neither of which is banned.

However, this is just the beginning. A document has come to light, purportedly from the desk of Dr. Farley, featuring the next steps in the War on To Save Humanity From Themselves. Quoted in full below:

Memo: To The Mayor

From: Dr. Farley.

In accordance with your recent directive that we zero in on other potential hazardous materials and practices that may affect children, we have come up with the following:

Jewish Rituals To Be Banned:

Matzah (increased risk of gastrointestinal distress)

Cheesecake on Shavous (trampling danger due to intense pressure to get the best piece)

Prayers on the High Holidays will be cut by three hours (long prayers, especially by a professional Chazan, can lead to a 37% increase in risk of heart attack and stroke)

Lulav (paper cuts)

Sukkah (6.7 times more likely to collapse than regular house)

Chanukah Candlelighting (fire risk)

Purim Gragger (noise pollution, increased risk of senior citizen hitting children due to unauthorized cap gun discharges)

Chulent on Shabbos (increased Global Warming due to flatulence)

The following objects will no longer be permitted in houses with small children:

Small objects of any kind (choking hazard)

Food (choking hazard)

Bikes (children on bikes are 9 times more likely to fall off them than children on a couch)

Hot beverages (increased risk of burns)

Counters, chairs and tables (children on an elevated surface are 4.9 times likelier to fall than children sitting on the floor)

Toilets and bathtubs (risk of drowning)

Windows (risk of falling)

Cleaning agents of any kind (risk of poison)

Medicine (risk of poison)

All toys (choking hazard, lead exposure, mental distress due to sibling rivalry)

Parents may no longer do the following activities with their children:

Put them to sleep (SIDS)

Feed them (choking hazard)

Carry them (risk of falling)

Transport them in a motor vehicle (studies show that children in a motor vehicle are 8.9760 times more likely to be in a car crash then children at home)

Bathe them (drowning)

Have them (studies show that parents who have children are 2.4 times more likely to abuse them than parents who don’t)

The sheeple are more than willing to submit to the continued benevolence of our Mayor-for-Life and his do-gooders. We just have one request to add to the above list: No million dollar couches. 900,000? That’s fine. A Million? Too much. Deal? No?

Didn’t think so.


They are singled out because of they way they look and dress. They are looked down upon as dirty, smelly parasites whose birthrate should be curtailed. Every negative phenomenon they exhibit, every crime or misdeed committed by one of them is highlighted and endlessly regurgitated, while the good they do is glossed over and ignored. Stereotypes and prejudices about them abound and there are websites and organizations dedicated to harassing and exposing them and their leaders for the corrupt, irredeemable scum that they are.

Are we talking about blacks in the 1950’s? No. Jews in the 40’s? Also not. We’re talking about Haredi Jews today. And who are the main culprits? Unfortunately, more often than not other Jews.

Spend just a few minutes a day reading popular English and Hebrew newspapers and blogs and listening to Israeli talk radio and these dismal facts will become clear to you. The same people who are the first to denounce bigotry and racism of any kind, be it against Arabs, Sudanese or Tutsis, have no compunction exhibiting blatant hatred toward their Haredi brethren.

Why is that? Ask them and they will surely come up with all sorts of excuses and rationalizations. “The Haredim have brought this upon themselves”, “The Haredim are guilty of this that and the other”. But one wonders: have they forgotten the lessons of history? All racists and bigots through the years have disguised their irrational hatred under the veneer of ideology and morality. The web is full of sites providing detailed “evidence” of the guilt of the Jews, Holocaust denial, and the inferiority of blacks. But we ignore them and their arguments, because, to paraphrase a famous saying, “We know a racist when we see one”. Their irrational, single-minded pursuit of the objects of their venom disqualifies them as people worth listening to.

The same should be applied to ant-Haredim. Hatred and bigotry is never okay, never right, never acceptable. We don’t grant credence to anything that comes out of David Duke’s mouth and neither should we to anti-Haredi bigots.

The Secular Don’t Want Hareidim in the IDF, They Want Them To Disappear

So says prominent Israeli Attorney Mordechai Weinrot:

“When you appear before an audience you must ask yourself what this audience thinks. The prototype of what a chareidi is is actually quite clear. He is a draft evader. He works off the books. He is a parasite. He is a leech, a terrible creature. He also smells during summer months. A black penguin. He is someone disliked by Israeli society and we don’t know what to do with him. This is what the Israeli public thinks about chareidim and therefore we must see to what extent. We should work to arrive at the truth”……

“The political doctrine is a war against the chareidim. If you beat them down you move ahead. This is the cheapest ticket to the club of advancement, beating down the religious. If you wish to explain a political failure, you explain it is because of the chareidim.”…..

…Oh dear, if one day 60,000 chareidim enlist, believe me, Elazar Stern will run from the army. He will never admit to this. The IDF simply does not wish to deal with being chareidi”.


Read the whole thing.