Links for 6/8/12: What’s Going On In The Real World, Who’s Behind Israel’s Continued Existence, Mixing Into Other People’s Business & more

A look at the “outside world” Haredim are so fervently urged to join.

Most Israeli Parents Dissatisfied with Schools

Haredim Don’t Know What They’re Missing – Part 1

“Kill Scott Walker” as “Angry Liberals” Flood Twitter Over Tom Barrett’s Loss to Scott Walker in WI Recall Election

Haredim Don’t Know What They’re Missing – Part 2

Cannibalism Trend Can Feed On Itself, Experts Say

Haredim Don’t Know What They’re Missing – Part 3

20,000 NIS Fine for Cursing a Chareidi Man

No doubt this story will be covered wall-to-wall in the blogosphere. And this next one as well:

Chareidim Banned From Ramat Aviv Mall

Segregation, discrimination!!!!

Is Texting Ruining The Art Of Conversation?

Must be an article from Hamodia.

“The Germans can be proud to have ensured the existence of the state of Israel for several years to come – Ehud Barak

Yup, Aschalta D’Geula

Why haredim should not be Zionists

Speaking the truth

Conservative Jews Approve Gay Wedding Guidelines

Where’s the protest over this tremendous Chillul Hashem??

Rabbi Aviner: Draft Chareidim to Military of National Service

Tomorrow: Rabbi Aviner: How DARE Charedim Not Stick Up For Us Regarding Ulpana?? Gee, I can’t figure it out….